Karen A. Dwyer-Tesoriero, LCSW is a therapist with extensive knowledge in various areas.  Additionally, I have appeared on local cable television stations, local news stations and other public forums interviews and has experience running workshops and groups to both small and large audiences on various topics.  Ms. Dwyer-Tesoriero is available for such presentations.  As a therapist, her extensive training on parenting includes parenting special needs children, discipline approaches, and parenting support.  She is also able to provide workshops and groups to adults and teens on Anger Management.  These services are tailored to the needs of the organization and will be developed in consultation accordingly.  Please contact Ms. Dwyer-Tesoriero to discuss pricing and availability. 


Some potential workshop topics might include:

-Parenting Journey classes

-Anger Management for Adults

-Anger Management for Children

-Anger Management for Teens

-Parenting Support

-Discipline Approaches

If you have a specific workshop or group idea that is not listed above, please contact Ms. Dwyer-Tesoriero to further discuss and plan.