I completed a two year Trauma Studies Certificate program at the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis.  Through this training, I work with adult clients who have experienced a wide variety of traumatic events.  Examples of trauma might include childhood sexual abuse or other childhood abuse and/or neglect, surviving traumatic life experiences such as a car accident, the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001 or Super Storm Sandy.

Recently, I completed basic training of EMDR Training.  EMDR is an evidenced based model for the treatment of PTSD and other diagnosis.  Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is used by helping clients process the emotional side of the clients traumatic events.  These sessions tend to be longer in nature and therefore advanced planning and scheduling is required.  

Trauma events can have long standing impacts in our lives.  Adult clients who suffered abuse as a child, might be experiencing difficulty with interpersonal relationships, difficulty maintaining these relationships, impulsive behaviors which might include engaging in risky sexualized behaviors, alcohol use or abuse, drug use or abuse, or eating disorders to name a few. 

Witnessing or surviving traumatic events can have lasting effects.  People with experiences as these might have difficulty sleeping, might experience nightmares, possible flashbacks of the event in question, might avoid certain people or places or might experience symptoms of depression or anxiety.  I can assist people with these experiences using a psychoanalytic perspective to assist such clients in the therapy process to decrease symptoms and improve functioning. 

Often times, due to professional responsibilities, we are often exposed to difficult or hear of traumatic events.  Such professions might include police, fireman, or other first responders.  this type of trauma is often referred to as Secondary trauma and can often be left untreated.  I have experience working with such professions in a confidential and discreet way.